Earthfolk Drum and Dance Clinic  Oct 3-6, 2024

Four days of rhythm, drumming, dancing and community at the Farm in Tennessee! 

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The Earthfolk Drum and Dance Clinic, at The Farm in Tennessee, was born from a passion for sharing the transformative power of rhythm with our community. Drumming and dancing have been essential to human connection and expression for millennia, yet many in the United States lack access to these enriching practices.

Our clinic seeks to bridge this gap by offering

  • Technique and Tradition Classes: Learn the skills of djembe, congas, cajon, dunun, and frame drum, as well as Afro-Cuban and West African dance styles.
  • Creative Movement Dance: Explore somatic awareness and integrate traditional vocabulary into your movement.
  • Drum Circle Labs: Gain hands-on experience playing various roles in small-group drum circles, with personalized coaching to enhance your skills and ability to contribute. In these labs, participants receive valuable experience in inclusive, co-creative drumming, learning strategies to create meaningful contributions to the circle.
  • Community Drum and Dance Fire Circles: Put your newfound skills into practice in a joyful, inclusive setting.

Our goal is to immerse you in a vibrant community centered around rhythm. Drumming and dancing have always been pathways to deeper connection—with ourselves, with each other, and with a timeless, universal practice that cultivates inner and outer peace.

Some of our Instructors

Obayana Ajanaku – Dunun

Obayana AjanakuDununOver the past 20 years as a performing artist and cultural music educator Obayana has rendered his art and edutainment services to a plethora of k-12 schools, universities, festivals, community centers, libraries and concerts throughout the United States and abroad. He is currently the West African drum instructor at Austin-East Magent high school, and Vine Middle Magnet in Knoxville, TN, the founder of Indigenous Vibes...

Ibrahima ‘Ibro’ Dioubate – Djembe

Ibrahima ‘Ibro’ DioubateDjembeFeatured artist with AfricaNashville’s Yeli Ensemble, Ibrahima ‘Ibro’ Dioubate was raised as a Djeli (also called a griot) , a ‘living archive’ of the West African people’s traditions. He grew up in Conakry, Guinea’s capital city where he learned music from his family and community from birth as his parents had. Djelis are recognized as keepers of knowledge that has been passed down through countless generations....

William Brown – Bells and Clave

William Brown Bells and Clave With over 40 years of experience as a percussionist, William Brown has had the privilege of playing with some of the most respected musicians and engineers in the industry. From an early age, he was exposed to the rich musical traditions of STAX Records, Ardent Recording Studio, and Royal Studio, where his father earned multiple Grammy awards and nominations. Throughout his career, William has performed in numerous...

Julio Llerena – Cajón

Julio Llerena Cajón Julio Llerena is a musician with more than 30 years playing several percussion instruments such as congas, bongos, güiro, maracas and cajón. Born in Peru into a family of musicians, Julio was always interested in rhythm and the way an ensemble of sounds could inspire movement, dance and fantastic forms of communication around the world. This interest took him to explore the musical tradition of several countries in the...

Utam Moses – Creative Movement

Utam MosesCreative Movement  Utam Moses is a dance theatre artist, teacher, and embodied theorist. She currently teaches dance practices at Indiana University Bloomington. Utam is passionate about dance as a tool for transforming states, as a mode of investigation and as a space for emergent community. Her teaching currently draws from contact improvisation, paratheater and Qigong, centering a play as a pathway to creativity. She teaches...

Vladimir Espinosa – Cuban Dance

Vladimer Espinosa Vladimir Espinosa is a musician, actor, and choreographer born in Havana, Cuba. He graduated from the ENA (school of national arts in Cuba) in 1985. He also studied with the National Folkloric de Cuba with Regino Jimenes and Pelladito, both having taught at ENA. After he graduated, he became a professor and instructor in the school of the arts and the house of the culture in Havana, Cuba. Then he started a professional career...

Julian Douglas – Frame drums / Rhythm theory

Julian DouglasFrame Drum/Rhythm TheoryJulian Douglas is a Remo Health Rhythms trained facilitator and a recipient of the Indiana Arts Commission On-Ramp Fellowship with 25 years of experience facilitating drum and dance circles, as well as a world percussion teacher and a performing percussionist.  Raised by a jazz pianist Julian’s childhood was an immersive education in music with a strong emphasis on rhythm.  His studies have...

Saturnin Ba – African Dance

Saturnin BaAfrican DanceSaturnin Ba is a Singer, Percussionist, Dancer, and Choreographer from the Cote D'Ivoire currently living in the U.S.A.

Andre Rosa Artis – Congas

Andre Rosa Artis Congas Andre Rosa Artis is a world renowned hand drummer who specializes in traditional west African, and Afro Caribbean traditional music. He resides In Indianapolis Indiana where he is the director of the “Indianapolis Pan Afrikan music and dance company”, and musical director of the Afro Caribbean music and dance group “Sancocho”. He is also the resident master drummer for the Indiana University African American dance...

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Enhance your skills and deepen your appreciation for the power of drumming through hands-on classes. Learn the art of multiple drum types, techniques, and cultures – from the absolute beginner through intermediate skill levels.


Our expert instructors will guide you through various cultural dance styles, each with their own rich history and traditions.


Drumming and dance are the heartbeats of community, connecting us to our cultural roots and bringing us together in celebration. Join us as we experience the transformative power of rhythm and movement, and discover how they can enrich and deepen our sense of community.